Hinged Acrylic Doors

Therma Hinged Doors – The Lightweight Solution

The perfect solution for new build and retrofitting onto existing cabinets. Virtually any size is available without the need for new and costly tooling.

Our acrylic doors are only 1/3rd of the weight when compared to the equivalent size dual ‘Glass’ unit!! A 1.5m tall x 0.6m wide door only weighs approximately 8kg, which makes the handling and fitting so much easier and a whole lot safer. This also means that you don’t need a heavy support frame, so far less weight will be added to the cabinets. Just upper and lower support rails with the pre-drilled mounting holes for positioning the doors.

Self-closing cartridge hinges that hold open at 90˚ for merchandising, concealed within the molded pockets to giving a smooth clean finish. Our Hinges have been independently tested to over 300,000 open/close cycles (more than 500,000 in-house).

Simple left–right adjustment for door alignment.

Being made from high grade impact resistant materials, they will not shatter in the event of accidental damage. Tested to withstand 100kg trolley impacts without catastrophic failure. Even after major impacts and breakage, they may still remain serviceable until a replacement can be fitted.

Various handle options available. A choice of face mounted, or ‘full length’ for added protection.

Far greater clarity and thermal insulation when compared to the equivalent thickness ‘glass’ door.

Soft-close dampers to reduce noise and fatigue.

Also available with a scratch resistant coating.

100% Recyclable.

We are happy to sell brackets, hinges etc. to enable you to build your own doors.

To find out more about our Hinged Acrcylic Doors please either complete our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 1604 591 111 and we will be pleased to tell you more.