System 1 – Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds

The practical experience, we have gleaned over the years from innumerable on-site installations has influenced the design evolution of this System creating flexible installation features.

Our push fit system does not require any rivets and screws to secure the motor and components into the roller tube.

This intrinsic versatility allows the installer the option of switching the motor from the right or left hand in moments should the cabinet electrics or site conditions dictate that this adjustment be made.

Roller Tube

We offer two sizes of roller tube – 47mm and 42.6mm in diameter. The 42.6mm diameter tube has been added to our range of components to accommodate motorised blinds within the canopy, now a feature of many refrigeration cabinets. Both these tubes can be used to manufacture blinds of widths up to 3.75 metres with the minimum of deflection.

The design of the extruded aluminium roller tubes ensures that the fabric of the blind is always attached in the same position creating alignment when linking an adjoining slave blind to the master blind with the motor.

Idle End Plug & Locking Key

Our idle end plugs and locking key are produced in high quality impact resistant polymers. The pairing of the locking key and idle end to secure the blind into place features an extension that joins the two components together. This feature compensates for small discrepancies in the blind’s anchoring points.

Another characteristic of the idle end plug when multiplexing blinds is the aperture into which the square metal drive shaft locates. This is in the shape of two 8 sided stars which only needs an eighth of a turn adjustment to align the bottom rails of the blinds.

Fixing Brackets

Variations in brackets and motor fixing plates have been designed to create compatibility with diverse manufacturers’ refrigeration canopy support structures. These components allow the blinds to be installed without tools.

The standard end brackets are fitted using two screws. The blind motor end is a slotted cross that locates on the bracket whilst the idle end is secured in place by traversing the locking key through the keyhole slot in the bracket and rotating it 90 degrees.

When multiplexing blinds only one keyhole bracket is required as the adjacent end is supported by the metal square drive shaft located in the preceding blind.

Bottom Rails

Our anodised aluminium bottom rails have been ergonomically designed to configure with cabinet fascias. They are weighted to assist in the free fall of the blinds and to keep them level.

As with all our blinds, the bottom pocket of the fabric is machined with thread and retained in the bottom rail by means of an extruded plastic rod. This ensures that the bottom bar cannot be dislodged from the blind.


Our high quality tubular motors have passed six quality control testing stations in the production line to ensure the stability of every motor. A key feature of this system when it is operated is its minimal noise emission.

Our motors are available in 6N.m, 10N.m and 13.N.m. They are compatible with both our 47mm and 42.6mm diameter roller tubes.

A radio controlled version is also available. Various switches including security key switches can also be purchased if required.

All our motors are provided with a 5 year warranty.

Product certification includes CE, VDE, TUV, UL, FCC and ROHS which meets the strict safety requirements of different countries.

To find out more about our System 5 – Motorised Blinds please either complete our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 1604 591 111 and we will be pleased to tell you more.