System 2 – Modular Slow Rise Blinds

Modular Slow Rise Blinds

Manufactured as a complete unit, modular slow rise blinds are factory tensioned and tested so that they are ready to use by clicking them into pre-fitted clips. This system which incorporates a ‘silent breaking unit’ has been universally acclaimed as an “innovative breakthrough” by installers.

Spring Tensioning End Brackets

The metal powder coated 2mm end brackets provides the facility to increase or decrease the tension on the spring without dismantling the blind. This mechanism allows the blind to be fine tuned to suit different installation criteria by turning a screw in the end cap with a flat bladed screwdriver.

Roller Tube & Spring

The extruded aluminium roller tube is specifically profiled to ensure that the industrial specification spring with a finned head never loses tension or is dislodged.

Upper Limit Stop

On some refrigeration cabinets, the aperture in the canopy through which the blinds pass and where it is fitted can be either too high or too wide. To counteract this occurrence which hinders functionality, we have produced an “Upper Stop Limit” enabling the blind to be pre-set to align with the bottom of the canopy.

Micro Switch & Holder

The micro switch assembly is another optional component we can offer. This product when wired into the refrigeration pack can be used by management to monitor if the blinds are being used by staff. This patent pending devise simply clicks over the blinds installation rail and is operated by rolling the blind up or down.

Handles, Anchors & Magnetic Bottom Rails

We offer a variety of handles to hold the blind down in the closed position. All available varieties are user friendly, unobtrusive, anti-twist and fitted with a single screw.
There are three varieties of hook handle and a reciprocating anchor that the hook latches under. This range also features a loop hook for circular chrome poles and one for slotted lower panels. A special hook is available for Roll-in Cabinets.
Another optional extra allows the bottom rail to be fitted with a magnetic strip and a loop handle for total ease of attaching and releasing the cabinet.

Fabric Specification of the Night Blind

We provide low emissivity aluminised polyethylene, polyester and HDPE cross weave fabric. The fabric is silver on one side and grey on the other side. Preference for the blind to have either the silver or grey facing the ambient may be specified.

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