System 3 – Hide Away Cassette Blinds

Hide Away Cassette Blinds

Our “Hide Away” Cassette blind combines with our System 2 Modular “Slow Rise” blind which in practical terms means that a special blind need not be ordered. In addition, this System includes all the advantages of System 2 such as the tension adjusting screw in the end bracket.

This allows blinds with widths up to 2.5 metres to be used on certain installations with the added facility of extended drops up to 2.5 metres. An added feature of this versatile System is the specially designed injection moulded brackets which allow the blind to be installed on the top or face of a cabinet and then be simply clicked into position.

The cassette lid is positioned over the blind utilising the same bracket. A unique provision of this System is the cassette lid which can match the cabinet or individual blind length. For instance, a 3.75 metre cabinet would normally utilise two or three blinds to make up this width but this System needs only a single cassette to cover the cabinet.

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