System 4 – Eco Blinds

Eco Blinds

Named for its functionality and design, the eco blind is both eco-friendly and our most inexpensive system. This System is the perfect solution for the cost conscious manufacturer. The blind utilises the same roller tube, bottom rail, handles and low emissivity reflective fabric as our System 2 night blind. However, it is not a modular unit and consequently is not pre-tensioned and tested.

The spring unit has been specifically designed so that it can be tensioned and engaged by a ratchet mechanism. Determined by the markings on the end of the spring unit, the blind can be placed into its brackets for testing to obtain the desired operational speed.

When this has been done, the blind should be taken out of its fixing brackets and the head should be rotated 180 degrees to take the blind out of ratchet mode. The blind should then be placed back into the brackets so that it can be operated under constant tension. This process is highly recommended to ensure a trouble free operation.

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