System 7 – Total Visual & Lighting Solutions

Total Visual & Lighting Solutions

A Total Vision for Multi Deck Chillers

Our total visual and lighting concept encompasses lightweight frameless acrylic double glazed doors. Added features include the absence of channels to trap food or dirt and no handles which, of course, equates to no breakages.

High quality hinges, self – closing doors, minimum stress on the cabinet structure and superlative energy savings which makes this product an attractive cost effective proposition.

Product Features

Total Vision Door
The special features of our Total Vision doors include:

  • No Door Frame which makes this product lighter
  • No Case Frame which means less mechanical parts
  • No fixed handle
  • Reversible
  • Ergonomic Design that saves energy and staff resources

Added Benefits:

  • More Vista
  • Less Case Strength Required
  • Increased View of All Products
  • Less Areas to Trap Dirt Food
  • Less Maintenance
  • No “Shadow Lines” on the shelves and base this product lighter
  • No Canopy Lighting
  • No Mullion Lighting
  • No Restrictions on full vision of products by unsightly vertical lighting strips
  • Lighting cannot be damaged by staff or customers reaching through the doors

Special Features:

  • Full 3 Dimensional Illumination
  • Lights and enhances products from front to rear of every shelf
  • The whole cabinet is illuminated including the back panel
  • Fluid products are illuminated completely
  • No damage to products on the shelves

Store Ambient Lighting

Given the enormous lighting benefits from the Double “I” Option, the store ambient lighting in the display cabinet area could be reduced to save overall running costs in the Food Hall.

Inner Illumination

Our system is robust with a low risk of damage that also provides all the product illumination that could be desired. The general lighting levels in the sales area can be lowered. Full height of the 7 tier model is 4 feet and it pulls just 80 watts of energy which this double “I” Lighting solution energy efficient whilst at the same time enhancing all the products showcased in the cabinet.

Special Features:

Combined with the removal of the mullion lighting and the use of our Double “I” lighting you can convert from a door case to a fully open case in minutes

Added Benefits:

The flexibility of having “No Doors” in peak trading periods especially in limited access stores such as Convenience stores and Forecourts is extremely beneficial

Door Blinds

We are in the process of developing added features which would enable you to put blinds between the door panes for advertising or restricting views in equipment used to house alcohol cases in trading prohibited hours. We are also developing locks for doors.

New Acrylic Door

Frameless double glazed acrylic door system maintains full vision into the cabinet & hence does not detract from merchandising impact.

To find out more about our System 7 – Total Visual & Lighting Solutions please either complete our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 1604 591 111 and we will be pleased to tell you more.